Build a better future with us, 

have a Green Affaire!

1. You love music. 

2. You want to live on a green and health Planet. 


Is this you?

Then great news:

You already have a Green Affaire!

Get inspired and inspire others in return towards a more sustainable lifestyle!

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Participate to our campaigns, challenges and share your experiences

  • Share photos, videos, post and stories

  • Participate to our events and concerts

  • Share our music

  • Comment our posts with your thoughts

  • Use and follow our hashtags 

  • Share ideas and suggestions with us and others

  • Talk with family, friends and colleagues about the Green Affaire!


We believe that people-power is what can drive changes!

We ask people to add their voices and actions to our campaigns and to our mission.

Together we can create awareness for social commitment,

and change the world for the better!



We will, but more importantly, you will feel amazed by your engagement!