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Big or small, what you donate to Green Affaire will allow us to produce great masterpieces, organize concerts, balls, music festivals, workshops and so much more, which will inspire values for a better and healthier living.


Förderung und Ermutigung der Umwelt-, Natur- und Artenschutz mittel Art und Kultur

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Every donation is a gesture of love for the earth and our world, and at the same time, a concrete action to defend them! They will help us to achieve a bigger audience which can turn into great environmental victories!

Donations in kind will also help us to achieve our vision.

Our promise to you: your donation will be used towards achieving our mission and reported with transparency.

*Tax purpose:

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What do you have to look out for?

If you wish your donation to be tax deductible, Green Affaire requires your full first and last name in addition to your date of birth.