Jiao Tang

Sustainability & Strategy advisor

Jiao Tang is an expert in sustainability and organisational development, serving as advisor to several NGOs and foundations. Jiao has studied in her Master’s degree and worked in sustainability for over ten years, having served in leadership positions in numerous international organisations, projects and initiatives. Her interest and expertise lie particularly in waste and resources management, sustainable food system and regenerative agriculture. She has collaborated closely with various international organisations and climate-change related initiatives in providing knowledge and training to places in need. 


Jiao has extensive experience and insight in building organisations, communities, networks and teams. Besides her professional roles in strategic development at international organisations in sustainability, she has been a founder and leader of global and regional youth groups, served as Board member of the International Music Education Network between 2012 and 2015, an association dedicated to broadening access to music education and fostering diversity in the field of music, now under the auspices of the Johann Sebastian Bach Musikschule in Vienna.  


Jiao is also an Argentine tango dancer. She founded the Tango Society at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna in 2013 as an alumna of the Academy and staged a group performance at the Charity Ball of the Academy in 2014. She has herself performed at festivals and continues keeping a deep connection with the tango culture in Buenos Aires.