“The best way to predict the future

is to create it” A.E.

Working together to implement a Green Affaire project not only teaches students about sustainability, art, and building good relationships, but also gives them so much more!


A few good reasons to carry out a Green Affaire project at a school:

  • Raising Awareness: students will learn some ways of leading a more sustainable lifestyle for keeping our planet healthier, building healthy relationships and living a happier life, hand-in-hand with the power and wonder of music.

  • Being Ambassadors: students will work together on a project that will allow them to be ambassadors of their own experience to the whole world. They will be those who teach others.

  • Own Responsibility: students plan, organize and run their own project and benefit from this hands-on experience. They will learn to take decisions, will grow with their project and will be responsible for their own future.

  • Leadership Building: working together on a project which will help their future to be a better one builds at same time a sense of responsibility and satisfaction, teamwork and ownership, enthusiasm and knowledge, ambition and gratitude.

Implementing school projects with the values and mission of Green Affaire

is educational, fun and rewarding!

We will help with the planning and the inspiration for projects that students can implement together. 

Drop us an Email and we will be glad to discuss about it!