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What is
Green Affaire?

Vienna is the city of classical music, the greenest model city in the world, and the city of quality life. These characteristics inspired the birth of Green Affaire: a charitable non-profit organisation based in Vienna that produces music, organises events and supports sustainable projects to strengthen environmental protection.

Our vision

We dream of a world where protecting our environment is part of our lifestyle and comes easily. Where sustainability is not a decision, but has long since become a matter of course. We work for this dream every day.


Meet the team

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Emily Cardi

Founder, Performer, Tour Manager

Emily is everywhere greatly acclaimed for her amazing stage presence. The half Italian, half Austrian artist speaks four languages fluently. Challenging situations are the terrain on which she feels comfortable.


Cristian Axt

Founder, Composer, Producer

Born in Buenos Aires, Cristian’s compositions were performed around the world: in concert halls and opera houses, on radio and television. His work is particularly captivating due to the harmonious fusion of genres.


Founded in November 2020, we are now a diverse community of well-known artists and talented people around the globe.


Brand Strategist, Designer


Brand Strategist, Texter

Philipp Litzinger

We are proud and happy to have reliable partners at our side. Who walk the path together with us, accompany us and support the good cause. Thank you for your strong commitment!

Collaborating artists

Collaborating artists

From Vienna to the world

Vienna is the capital of classical music par excellence. As well, it provides a great example of environmental protection. This makes the city the perfect location for Green Affaire.

Mozart, Schubert, Beethoven, Strauss, Haydn, Brahms – Vienna is more closely associated with classical music than any other city. And the city of Vienna still lives up to this claim today. Its operas and concert halls attract millions of enthusiastic fans and music lovers from all over the world every year. Vienna is known and loved worldwide for its outstanding contribution to classical music.

Equally sucessful is Vienna's in ranking as the world's most liveable city. Year after year, the city tops the list. During the UN-Habitat III conference in Ecuador in 2016, the city of Vienna was rated as a “Global Green City” with the international “Sustainable City and Human Settlement Award”. With more than 50 % green energy (230 parks, the Vienna Woods and the Donau Auen Nationalpark among others), Vienna is one of the greenest cities in the world. To enjoy nature and breathe deeply, people do not even need to leave the city.

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