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Get in touch with us and tell us your ideas for any collaboration!

Create new Original Green Sounds

Music producers

Green Affaire welcomes music producers who wish to take part in the process of creating original and powerful soundtracks which contain a message for the good of our earth and our world! 


We are looking for:

  • Orchestral mockup producers

  • Recording, mixing and mastering engineers

  • Music score editors (Sibelius)

  • Music manager


Concert halls and music platforms are waiting for us!

Your music can change the world

Musicians & composers 

To achieve our mission, we create, we produce, we perform and we share inspiring Original Green Music across multiple channels, forms and occasions. 


Therefore we welcome all kinds of musicians and all kinds of composers who want to inspire people towards a more sustainable living through the power of music.


Be part of this artistic movement for a happier world on a healthier earth!

Every art is of great value


Especially when it comes to the safeguard of our planet. We would be honored if artists of different forms of art who find our philosophy valuable would like to collaborate with us! 


We warmly welcome:

  • Singers

  • Actors

  • Dancers

  • Writers

  • Designers

  • Painters

  • Make-up artists

  • Other types of artists​


Let's create for the bigger picture of change.

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