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Become a partner

We believe in the power of shared values.

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Invest sustainably

Corporate partnership

Our Original Green Music can be created and applied to any occasion. It will increase the value of your events, for the audience will be united by a music that raises awareness on a better world, making their experience unforgettable. 


By working together on that, the stakeholders of your company, from employees, to suppliers, to customers and more, will be united in the commitment to creating better impacts for our world.

Green Affaire’s creative assets, our expertise in sustainability and art will help you engage consumers, employees and stakeholders in making a difference.

We strive for the same goal

Foundation partnership

Help us create art that inspires sustainable lifestyles, which will ensure that we and our future generations will live a well and happy life on a safe, beautiful and resourceful planet.


Your foundation can support specific initiatives, concerts, events, production of albums, all designed and implemented with a spirit of working together to maximize our mutual goal of a healthier world on a healthier earth.

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United we stand

Organisation partnership

Let’s work together to create, produce and spread art, drive projects and public awareness to inspire and encourage people to take action towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

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